Ostim Technical University

OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone

OSTİM was established in 1967 as a small industrial site construction co-operative with 1,748 members. Today, it is an organized industrial zone that plays a prominent and pioneering role in the industrial undertakings carried on in Ankara and Turkey with 6.200 businesses and 60.000 employees operating in 17 main sectors and 139 business lines.

OSTİM ecosystem is a unique and exemplary industrial zone management model. We lay emphasis on the vocational and lifelong education of the enterprises operating in this ecosystem and their employees. Holistic and sustainable services are provided to cater for the needs of businesses such as technology development, promotion, marketing, technology transfer, human resources and employment.

All institutions, organizations and businesses within the OSTİM ecosystem perform effective and exemplary undertakings aiming at the development of domestic and national industry. In this context, the first and successful clustering models of our country were launched. Hundreds of companies come together under 7 different roofs under the name of Defense and Aviation, Medical Industry, Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies, Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery, Rail Transportation Systems, Rubber Technologies and Communication Technologies and develop joint projects for the future of our country in their sectors. On the other hand, OSTİM Foundation, OSTİM Industrial Investments Management Inc., ODF Fair Organization Inc., OSTİM Teknopark Incorporation, OSTİM Project Development Inc., OSTİM Technology Research and Development Center Inc., OSTİM Newspaper and OSTİM Spare Parts Inc. organizations operating in the region perform important tasks with a view to developing businesses in the region, achieving a competitive structure, increasing their productivity, carrying joint and innovative projects into effect, expanding abroad and meeting their financial needs.

OSTİM has always worked in close cooperation with universities in Ankara for the purpose of developing university-industry cooperation and implementing many projects. With the establishment of OSTİM Technical University, the most important deficiency in the OSTİM ecosystem has finally been remedied. OSTİM Technical University, which has the distinction of being the first university situated in an industrial zone in Turkey, strives to hold a pioneering position, thus setting a good example of university-industry cooperation in our country by making the best use of the accumulation of experience and knowledge in the OSTİM ecosystem.