Ostim Technical University

Since OSTİM Technical University is located 50 m. next to the OSTİM stop on the metro route, it can be easily reached both directly and indirectly by the metro. Alternatively, it can be easily reached by other public transportation vehicles.

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Ankara has four different Metro lines which are connected to each other. There is walking distance of just 1 minute between the OSTIM Station which is on root M1 (Torekent – Kızılay) of Ankara Metro. On this metro line, the transportation time between two stops is approximetely 2 minutes.

The time taken from Ankara’s centrally located Kızılay Metro Station, which is also the connecting point of all four metro lines, is about 22 minutes. Transportation from OSTİM Technical University to Ankara Intercity Terminal Operations (AŞTİ) can be provided by passing from Kızılay metro stop top A1 Ankaray metro line. The total transportation time from OSTİM Technical University to AŞTİ takes approximetely 32 minutes.

Minibus - Public Bus

Taking OSTİM Technical University as the center, it is possible to travel in many directions by EGO public busses. The different roots are as under:

Another way of accessing OSTİM Technical University is minibus, Right in front of OSTİM Metro station and at a walking distance of about two minutes, there is a Minibus (Dolmuş) stop located. The Minibuses from here serve the roots towards Etmesgut, Sincan and Fatih last stops The minibus journeys, from OSTİM Technical University take about 20 minutes to center of Etimesgut, about 36 minutes to the center of Sincan and to Fatih it takes about 45 minutes.

It possible to reach to other regions such as Keçiören, Ulus, Bahçelievler, Emek, Pursaklar, Saray, Şentepe, Karşıyaka, Yenikent, Yapracık, Eryaman, Akyurt and Kazan with the other minibus lines passing by the minibus stop across the OSTİM metro.

Transport Options From Esenboğa Airport

OSTİM Technical University can be accessed frop Esenboğa in three different ways.


At Ankara Esenboğa Airport, 24 hour Taxi service is available right is front of domestic andInternational arrival exit gates, The distance between Esenboğa Airport and OSTİM Technical University being 35km, the travel takes around 40 minutes.

Tho cost of transportation from Esenboğa Airport to OSTİM Technical University by taxi is approximetely 100 ₺.

Airport Bus Service-Metro

Two companies are providing the bus service to and from the Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Out of these, Belkoair Airport Bus service can be used to go to Kızılay and Ankara Train Station and Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) and Havaş Airport Bus service for Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ). The same bus services can also be used to reach back Esenboğa Airport.

Travel times with airport shutties are approximetely 50 minutes and may vary depending on trafic conditions.

Rent a Car Companies

Inside theDomestic and International arrival galls Rent a Car companies can be found. To reach OSTİM Technical University, cars can be rented easily from these companies according to individual preference and budgets. The names and contact number of same the companies found on Ankara Esenboğa Airport are as follows: