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First Time Appointment of Chief Information Officer-CIO position in the organizational structure of a Higher Education Institution

The rapid progress in information technologies has significantly increased the production and use of knowledge. Increasing knowledge production and the need to utilize knowledge in institutions have made it indispensable to correctly manage the processes of creating and using knowledge. Conscious management of information and information resources as a strategic resource is the most important factor that increases corporate success. In this context, it is necessary to identify the sources of institutional information, organize the information produced and most importantly manage it within the confines of a system.

With a view to making the institutional management of our university more effective, the Chief Information Officer-CIO position has been implemented at OSTİM Technical University in order to evaluate the information resources the university has, to figure out which documents and information resources are needed, to define and manage them. The CIO will determine the needs and methods to be applied, and create plans and strategies that will ensure the most effective and efficient use of information by constantly reviewing the production of knowledge, the knowledge owners, the authorization of use and access to knowledge, and the knowledge management processes at our university. Due to the effective use of information, the working efficiency of the personnel will increase, time and effort will be saved, and most importantly, the efficiency in the decision processes of senior managers will be maximized by providing access to the right information in a short span of time. In order to carry out this task, Dr. Güney Gürsel, Computer Programming Department Head at our University’s Vocational School, has been appointed as CIO.