Ostim Technical University

Doctor Lecturer

Dilara Gökçen

Chief Sustainability Manager

First Time Appointment of Chief Sustainability Officer-CSO position in a Higher Education Institution

The rapid pollution and consumption of resources cause environmental problems at the present time. With the increase in environmental problems, the search for new management approaches to eliminate these problems has gained importance. It is clear that sustainability is one of the most important newly emerging management approaches. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for institutions to put into practice the concept of sustainability, which is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. As in all institutions, the necessity of being an institution that tries to maintain this sustainable improvement process, which has been maintained by minimizing the negative effects of social, economic and environmental aspects is indispensable to the execution of educational, research, social contribution activities and administrative services in universities within the scope of a certain management system.

OSTİM Technical University which has adopted the vision of becoming the “University of Industry” carries out education, research, entrepreneurship and prototype production activities in a strong cooperation model with the business world, industry and society. It attaches great importance to making this continuous improvement process sustainable by mitigating the negative effects that arise directly and indirectly from social, economic and environmental problems in the implementation of social contribution activities. In line with this goal, the Chief Sustainability Officer-CSO (Corporate Sustainability Manager) position has been created by OSTİM Technical University for the first time in a higher education institution in Turkey.

In order to perform these duties, Dr. Dilara Gökçen AKÇAY PAÇ from the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design of our University has been appointed as CSO.