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Slide Nitel Araştırma Yöntemleri Prof. Dr. Ünsal SIĞRI With her book, she offers a perspective beyond numbers to the scientists of the future! Slide Startuplar Pazarda Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Begüm ŞAHİN Examining 141 Startups in Ankara with Her Book! Slide Teoriden Uygulamaya
Çok Uluslu Ortamda Girişimcilik Eğitimi
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi
Her book deals with Entrepreneurship Education with an Applied Model within the Scope of Public-University, Industry Cooperation.
Slide 3. Kuşak Üniversitelere Doğru Prof. Dr. J.G. Hand WISSEMA She sheds light on today's universities with her book Slide Ulusların
Prof. Dr.
With her book, she focuses on industrialization in the world and in Turkey!

Academic Staff

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Student Projects

Cyber ​​attacks, which are one of the biggest threats in the digitalized world today, are increasing day by day and are constantly spreading threats to all kinds of devices connected to the internet with new attack techniques. Institutions need to provide cyber security investments in order to foresee possible cyber attacks and to prevent the possible bad effects that may arise from these attacks. One of these investments is SIEM (Security Information Event Management) software. Thanks to this software, it is aimed to provide a high level of security within the institution.


SIEM (Security Information Event Management)


28 August 2021

Our University and Hacettepe Technopark Collaborated!

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek and Hacettepe Technopark Manager Veysel...

27 August 2021

Swiss Ambassador Visited OSTİMTECH Factory!

Swiss Ambassador Jean-Daniel Ruch, Economy and Commercial Attaché Levent Durukan, Head of...

27 July 2021

OSTİM Technical University Says Goodbye to Its First Graduates

OSTİM Technical Vocational School (MYO) graduates were first bid farewell to the...

14 July 2021

Turkey’s First Local and National Lens Solution Introduced at Our University

Our university, KOSGEB and Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. Turkey's first local and national...

8 July 2021

We Shared Our Experiences on Industrial Policies at the Parliamentary Industry Commission

At the Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission meeting...

7 July 2021

Our University Received a Healthy and Safe Campus Certificate!

Our university received the "Safe Campus in the Context of the Global...

Founding Foundation

Ostim Foundation, “Our foundation, which operates for the industrial development of our region and our country, provides a scientific institutional structure for its activities such as education, employment, research and development, innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, sectoral and regional development models in line with the developing demands and needs of today and the future. It has decided to establish OSTİM Technical University with the aim of creating an effective and unique institution in increasing the science and technology competence of our country by bringing together the material and moral knowledge and values ​​of our foundation, with the thought that it will be more competitive and sustainable.

To global competition with cooperation and coalition

Celebrating its 50thanniversary as one of the pioneering industrial zones of the Ankara industry, OSTİM is an SME city with international brand value as a solution center for meeting the national needs in which more than 6,200 enterprises and more than 60,000 employees operate in 17 sectors and 139 business lines