Ostim Technical University

Purpose of the Center

To carry out regional, national and global studies on economic policies, development processes and models, to do research on the effects of industrial production policies and economic planning, especially industrial policies; to contribute to the development of existing clusters, industrial zones, sectoral value and supply chains; to assist in the transfer and dissemination of good practice examples and models on national/regional/sectoral development; to conduct studies and research to develop original model designs in correpondence with the needs; to conduct research on industrial policy and economic development, including comparative studies on agriculture and service sectors; to provide researchers with resources, to develop cooperation with public / private sector / non-governmental / professional organizations at national and international level, to provide consultancy, guidance, application services, to contribute to the content and curricula of undergraduate, graduate programs, doctorate, continuing education and academic studies in related fields and to organize international cooperation networks and organizations.

Activity Areas of the Center have been identified along these lines: