Ostim Technical University

Our University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek and Hacettepe Technopark Manager Veysel Tiryaki signed a cooperation protocol.

The ceremony held at our university was attended by Hacettepe Technopark Director Veysel Tiryaki, OSTİM Technical University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Orhan Aydın, OSTİM Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, OSTİM Board Member Behzat Zeydan, OSTİM Technical University General Secretary Zeki Şimşek, OSTİM Technical University Science Institute Director Dr. Instructor Member Hikmet Bal, OSTİM Technical University Social Sciences Institute Director Assoc. Dr. Bahar Erdal joined.

With the signed protocol, academic staff, technical personnel and experiences of Hacettepe Technopark and OSTİM Technical University, including physical facilities, laboratories, institutes, academy, education and R&D centers, were combined.

In the protocol, which aims to carry out scientific and technological R&D studies and national and international joint projects and collaborations, both institutions will support each other in R&D studies.

Hacettepe Technopark Director Veysel Tiryaki, who visited the university laboratory after the signing ceremony, got on the ATV Tractor ‘OSTİMTRAC’ produced in OSTİM OSB with local and national capital, toured the university campus and experienced the vehicle.

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