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Our university received the “Safe Campus in the Context of the Global Epidemic” certificate issued by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

Our University, Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek announced that he has successfully completed the Certification Program for the Development of Healthy and Clean Environments within the framework of the measures he has taken since the first periods of the pandemic. Thus, OSTİMTech was entitled to receive the “Safe Campus in the Context of the Global Epidemic” Certificate given by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

OSTİM Technical University, which passed the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) inspections, developed healthy and clean environments in the campus, provided hygiene conditions and implemented infection control measures, was certified with the Safe Campus Certificate.

Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of our university, our Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, ‘Secure Campus Certificate’ TSE President Prof. Dr. He took it from Adem Şahin’s hand. The document shows that our University fulfills the necessary health and cleaning conditions in the context of the global epidemic.

“Our Students Are Safe”

Stating that they are proud to be registered as a safe campus, Zeki Şimşek, Secretary General of OSTİM Technical University, stated that since the Covid-19 Outbreak started to spread in our country, he took precautions at the university carefully. Şimşek emphasized that within the framework of the measures taken by our Ministry of Health and the Science Board, they have started to strictly implement these measures at our university. Zeki Şimşek, who stated that they received the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Campus in the Context of the Global Epidemic” document, said, “We are proud of receiving this document.

Expressing that the academic and administrative human resources started to work on the process from the first moment the pandemic emerged, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek stated that the necessary conditions were met in accordance with the standard developed by the Turkish Standards Institute with its own resources and experience.

prof. Dr. Murat Yülek stated that both parents and students can trust with the document “Safe Campus in the Context of the Global Epidemic”. Yülek stated that they will meet with parents and students at the university graduation ceremony on Friday in accordance with TSE standards.

“We Should Increase Our Sensitivity To Our Environment”

Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of our University, said that if we want to live in a livable world, we should all pay attention to our lifestyle and consumption style and increase our sensitivity to our environment, “We can draw a smooth path to change our future lives by thinking more about the emergence and effects of the Covid-19 Outbreak.” used. Orhan Aydın, who said that the university has more duties as an educational institution, said, “This work of our institution is very valuable in order to get rid of Covid-19 and not experience similar ones later on.” Orhan Aydın, Turkish Standards Institute, who helped us to implement all the measures and order in our University and to get the TSE Certificate, and TSE President, who is a friend of OSTİM. He ended his speech by saying thank you to Adem Şahin.

“Pandemic Taught Us the Importance of Sustainable Life”

With the pandemic, we realized how precious the life we ​​live is. I hope we have learned more lessons than we expected and let’s try to use it in good solutions for the future periods of our lives, TSE President Prof. Dr. Adem Şahin said, “Today, we are in a university whose story I have known since its establishment and which defines itself as the University of the Industrial World. As you know, the University of the Industry World will be appreciated by our professors who have devoted themselves to academic life, as it always brings to our minds and keeps on our agenda the issue of university-industry cooperation, which Turkey has not achieved the desired result. I am well aware of the industry vision of our esteemed Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Orhan Aydın, and more importantly, his struggle “Ankara is an industrial city” against the fact that Ankara was only a civil servant city until very recently. I care very much that this is crowned with a university and that this university also gives its first graduates this term, I wish it good luck. I believe that the university will continue on its way with sure steps.” said.

Emphasizing that he taught us how important sustainability is in every aspect of life during the pandemic period, Şahin said, “As the Turkish Standards Institute, our certification models such as Safe Production, Safe Service, Safe My School, Clean, Safe Tourism, Safe Campus, and the solutions it tries to bring are the main goal of contributing to sustainability in all areas of life. stated that.

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