Ostim Technical University

We will learn and produce together, because the world is waiting for us.

In strong cooperation with the business world, industry and society; providing internationally qualified education, research, application, project infrastructure and opportunity for students, academics and stakeholders to discover their inherent potential to create added value for humanity; raising innovative and entrepreneurial individuals who design, build and sustain in correspondence with high-level knowledge and equipment, national and humanitarian values; taking responsibility for optimizing the competence of our country in terms of scientific and technological development. OSTİM Technical University: A university that strives for the development of the country and the region by coming up with original projects and solutions.


On behalf of OSTİM, which has been producing value for more than half a century for national and world economies and developments, we are proud to present OSTİM Technical University, which is the symbol of our deep belief in the people who produce and guarantee the transmission of our production experience to future generations, to the service of our nation and all humanity.

The most affirmative innovation brought about by this century, where the production and dissemination of knowledge have propelled to previously unforeseen heights in the course of human history and will accelerate even more, is the rediscovery of learning together through hands-on approach. We are the first witnesses of a new phase in which the old system of learning where only the seniors teach the youth, the experienced pass on knowledge to the inexperienced and the traditional commands the newly emerging is disrupted, while the traditional gets updated by the new through mutual learning which arises from reconciliation, the new is deepened with the tradition, the teacher and the learner, the producer and the beneficiary are brought together in pursuit of the same experience and solution, thus building the knowledge and product in partnership.

We are excited to witness the teachings and initiatives of our young people, whom we embrace from all over the world without any discrimination, on the verge of this new future.

Based on this awareness, the objective of creating an ecosystem that will solidify the tenacity of entrepreneurship and the soundness of conceptual insights lies at the center of OSTİM Technical University’s educational and learning approach, an ecosystem where all academics, entrepreneurs, employees and social segments within our sphere of interaction, especially our students, can discover their own potential. Our board of trustees, consisting of the renowned figures ​​of the business world and the academia, each with a proven track record, will always work to expand and develop this innovative and entrepreneurial learning environment through academic and economic cooperation networks on both national and international scales.

This ecosystem will provide our students studying at all levels at OSTİM Technical University with the opportunity to learn by doing, which is the most rigorous and universal way of acquiring genuine knowledge. It will also empower them to acquire competencies that help develop the spirit of creating and sharing values by transforming what they have learned into assets. We sincerely believe that each and every one of our OSTİM Technical University students will engage in economic and social life as active participants, not mere spectators, while designing and building their own future, and that they will go through their university years as the most instructive and enjoyable period prior to their professional careers.

We invite all young people to be a part of our ongoing work at OSTİM Techical University in the belief that they can get a few steps closer to the future they dream of and to design, establish and sustain a liveable world together. The world is waiting for you.

With all my respect and love,

OSTİM Technical University Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Chairman of OSTİM Board of Directors