Ostim Technical University

Frequently Asked Questions

Established with the decision of the Official Gazette published on February 1, 2017, OSTİM Technical University started to accept its first students in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Our university has a total of 1496 students enrolled in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs. The targeted quota for the 2021-2022 academic year is 1237 students.

Within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation for Student Transfer between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education, minor programs are offered at our university.

Within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation for Student Transfer between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education, double major programs are offered at our university.

In departments where the medium of instruction is English, the courses offered are 100% in English; in departments where the medium of instruction is Turkish, the English Preparatory School is optional.

Faculty of Engineering

Medium of Instruction

Computer Engineering


Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Material Science and Engineering


Software Engineering


Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences


International Trade and Finance




Management Information Systems


Business Administration





  • Computer Engineering (English)
  • Computer Engineering (Turkish)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)
  • Industrial Engineering (Turkish)
  • Mechanical Engineering (English)
  • Material Science and Engineering (English)
  • Software Engineering (Turkish)Software
  • Engineering (English)


  • Economics (English)
  • Business Administration (English)
  • Marketing (English)
  • International Trade and Finance (English)
  • Management Information Systems (Turkish)
  • Management Information Systems (English)


  • Industrial Design (Turkish)
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)


  • Computer Programming
  • Cyber Security
  • Biomedical Device Technology
  • E-Commerce and Marketing
  • Electricity
  • Electronic Technology
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operations
  • Logistics
  • Machine
  • Mechatronics
  • Weapon Industry Technician

There are over 10,000 resources in our library, including all faculty textbooks and additional industry-oriented Turkish/English resources.

The library collection is secured with the RFID electronic security system. No publication can be taken outside of the library without permission. Our library is a member of 14 databases in total.

It has a floor area of ​​824 m2 and has 3 group study rooms.

In the library, books are offered to users with an open shelf system. The books are placed side by side on the shelves according to their subjects and the LC (Library Of Congress) classification system is used.

It is possible to access printed and electronic resources of our library both within and outside of campus through the university’s proxy server.

Opening hours are 8:30 / 17:30 on weekdays and weekends. During exam periods, our library is open to our users 24/7 and is open to all users.


In order to be admitted to a program in OSTİM Technical University, it is necessary to take the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), to choose the relevant program in the form of the preference center and to be placed in this program by ÖSYM.

A bachelor’s degree corresponds to 4 years of education in faculties. In Vocational School programs, the diploma given is an associate degree diploma corresponding to 2 years of education. For this reason, if Vocational School graduates want to continue to study in a graduate program, they must complete their undergraduate education.

A student may be granted leave (Freeze Registration) for a maximum of four semesters, with a maximum of two semesters at a time, with the decision of the relevant administrative board, for reasons concerning health, military service, education in higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad, financial and personal reasons. Students who have completed the maximum duration of study are not approved for leave. The periods deemed to be leave are not counted towards the maximum duration of study.
A student who takes leave pays half of the tuition fee for the semester(s) in which s/he is on leave, and a student who has exceeded the normal duration of study pays three institutional credits per semester. The approval process is completed when the student pays the determined fee. The approval of leave for the student who does not pay the specified fee will be cancelled.

2021-2022 Academic Year Tuition Fees (For 2021-Entry)

  • The fee is 60500 TL including VAT for English Preparatory Program and undergraduate departments.

  • The fee is 31500 TL including VAT for Vocational School associate degree programs.

Fees will be announced on the website with the Board of Trustees Decision. Discounts earned in accordance with the Scholarship and Discount Directive will be reflected in the fees.

In our university, undergraduate and associate degree program fees are the same in all programs of each faculty and the Vocational School.

The tuition fee is paid in 2 equal installments until the last payment day specified in the Academic Calendar before course registrations for the fall and spring semesters. The first installment of the tuition fee is paid at the beginning of the first (fall) semester of the academic year, and the second installment is paid at the beginning of the second (spring) semester.

In addition, thanks to the installment payment agreement to be signed with the only contracted bank Akbank, the annual tuition fee will be paid in 5 installments. Akbank credit cards also offer 5 installments for our University.

Financial and Social Aid

It is a free aid given to students who study at OSTİM Technical University and need financial support.

In the evaluation of candidates who apply to benefit from Financial and Social Aid:

a) The student who is a candidate for this aid has not been subjected to disciplinary action,

b) The candidate does not receive any scholarships/discounts from elsewhere,

c) The candidate and his/her family are unable to pay the tuition fee or continue his/her education even if s/he pays, due to the low level of income of the candidate and their family, a document to be given by the Headman’s Office or the District Governor’s Office for the student and his family, documents related to title deed and vehicle records, the family’s social security records and the student’s written statement are sought.

Students who want to benefit from Financial and Social Aid should apply to the Student Affairs Office by writing a petition and attaching documents stating their status on the application dates announced on the website at the beginning of each academic year.

Students who have previously benefited from Financial and Social Aid can also benefit from it in other academic years if they meet the specified criteria and apply again.

The types and amounts of aid (cash, books, stationery, food and accommodation aid, etc.) to be given to students who will benefit from Financial and Social Aid are determined by the Board of Trustees for each academic year.

Students placed with a placement scholarship have the right to receive a scholarship from another institution or organization. They can receive scholarships from other institutions and organizations, unless it is specifically stated otherwise in the other applied scholarships.

The aim of OSTİM Technical University is to create opportunities for each student to discover and develop their own potential. Scholarship status comes to the fore only during the registration process between the student and the university; It is not particularly taken into account by instructors or other students.

Scholarships/discounts other than the Academic Achievement Discount, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, Science Scholarship and ÖSYM Preference Discount are valid throughout the education period regardless of the failed course or the GPA requirement.

Scholarships/Discounts are applied in the preparatory class. A student who fails the Preparatory Class receives a paid preparatory education for the second year. Scholarships/discounts are applied when the students starts their department.

For detailed information, see the OSTİM Technical University Scholarship, Discount and Social Aid Directive.

The medium of instruction in certain departments in undergraduate programs is 100% English. The medium of instruction in associate degree programs is Turkish and the English Preparatory Program is optional.

As part of our English Preparatory Program, firstly, the English level of newly registered students at OSTİM Technical University is determined through the Placement Exam.

Students who score 60 and above in the Placement Exam are eligible to take the English Proficiency Exam. Those who score 60 and above from this exam are exempted from the English Preparatory Program. Students whose English level is not sufficient to directly start their departments are enrolled in the English Preparatory Program starting from the determined level. (bu uygulama değişti)

In addition, those who attend external exams with the following admission grades and meet the grade requirements are exempt from the Preparatory Program.

Those who attend the external exams and meet the grade requirements are exempted from the Preparatory Program. The validity of external examination documents is determined as 2 years for TOEFL and PTE, 5 years for KPDS/ÜDYS/YDS and YÖKDİL and 3 years for others.

IELTS – Overall average 6.5


YDS/e-YDS – 75

YÖK DİL – 75

Cambridge English Language Assessment – ​​Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): C

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): C

PTE (Pearson Test of English – Academic) – 70

KPDS – 75

ÜDYS – 75

The English Preparatory Program consists of 4 levels: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate.

The normal education period in the preparatory class is one academic year, and the maximum education period is two academic years.

The level of education students will receive is determined according to the results of the placement exam held at the beginning of the academic year.

Since it cannot be decided whether the student’s English level is sufficient for the program they are enrolled in, the student cannot continue to their department and is placed in a level in the Preparatory Program according to their score obtained in the Placement Exam.

Results are announced in the ‘Announcements’ section of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​on the OSTİM Technical University website.

The scholarship provided to students placed in the university’s scholarship programs only covers the tuition fee up to the scholarship rate. These non-refundable scholarships cover the normal education period, including the compulsory English Preparatory Program.

Students may request leave for one or two semesters for justified and valid reasons. Students are required to pay half of the tuition fee during their leave of absence. Students do not take exams during their leave.

There is an 85% attendance requirement for each level/module. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement must repeat the level.

Students are allowed a maximum of two semesters at a time for valid and justified reasons, and a maximum of four semesters in total during their education period. Leave periods are not included in the durations of study. Students who want to take a leave of absence must submit their applications with all their documents to the Student Directorate until the last day of the ‘semester leave application’ period specified in the academic calendar. If the application is accepted, half of the semester fee is refunded.

Transfers between departments within the university are made in accordance with the principles of “transferring between departments within the University” determined by the University Senate and Administrative Board.

Students who are admitted through a lateral transfer cannot benefit from the scholarships given by their previous universities or the scholarships provided by OSTİM Technical University to students placed in the relevant quotas upon entrance to the university.

OSTİM Technical University does not have its own dormitory. However, investments continue in order to provide dormitories for our students in the future.

The private dormitories listed below are recommended for students who want to live in a dormitory. These dormitories have been chosen considering the location of our University in order to provide convenient transportation.

There is no legal connection and/or conflict of interest between the selected dormitories and our University. We are not responsible for any dormitories.

OSTİM Technical University is located next to the OSTİM Metro station. There are many private dormitories on the metro route. As OSTİM Technical University, the list of dormitories where all our students can find comfortable and safe accommodation can be viewed in the dormitories brochure or on our website.

Yes. According to the principles of the Additional Placement Guide to be published by ÖSYM, students who were not placed in any program other than open education programs during the General Placement can apply for additional placement.

Students who will attend OSTİM Technical University English Preparatory Program are placed in the courses corresponding to their level.

All necessary support is provided for students who are entitled to start their departments by passing the English Preparatory Program to adapt to their departments as soon as possible.

If students studying at OSTİM Technical University are found successful in an evaluation based on their grade point average, there is a free discount on the tuition fee called “Academic Achievement Discount”. This discount applies to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class according to department/program achievement statistics at the end of each academic year.

2020-2021 Academic Year Academic Achievement Discount Table

Class Ranking in the Department/Program








The Academic Achievement Discount for the 2021-2022 Academic Year has not been announced yet.

Summer School is optional and subject to fees. Summer school tuition fees are determined each year by the Board of Trustees.

Within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation for Student Transfer between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education, lateral transfers between departments are possible at our University.

Within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation for Student Transfer between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education, lateral transfers are possible at our University.