Ostim Technical University

Mission Description​

OSTİM Technical University Support Services Department operates in line with the vision, mission, basic objectives and principles set forth in the main regulation of the University, and performs all activities related to the support services (security, transportation, hygiene, ceremony, etc.) required by the university in order to carry out all activities within the framework of efficiency, productivity and differentiation principles. It plans, implements, directs, coordinates and supervises. In accordance with the requirements of the job, it strives to create a safe, peaceful and highly motivated work environment for the regular work of all job descriptions and work groups within the Support Services Department, to ensure the control and supervision of the activities carried out, and to communicate the needs and problems of the department by communicating with the upper units.

Mission Details


The Head of Support Services Department is responsible to the Rector, the Vice-Rector and the Secretary General while performing all the above-mentioned duties in accordance with the laws and regulations.