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Our university, KOSGEB and Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. Turkey’s first local and national lens solution, developed in cooperation with and protected by a patent, was introduced. Rector Prof. as a speaker at the presentation hosted by our university. Dr. Murat Yülek, Former Minister of Tourism and State Güldal Akşit, Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Commission Prof. Dr. Arife Polat Duzgun, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt, Yenimahalle District Governor Selda Dural, Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. Chairman Süleyman Polat, Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. Emel Saraç, Vice President, and Fatin Dağçınar, Head of OSTİM OSB Medical Cluster attended.

Exported to more than 50 countries

Jeomed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Emphasizing that the first domestic and national lens solution produced by our university and exported to more than 50 countries, especially America, Russia, Greece and India, produces added value, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek said, “It is not possible to understand why these products, which have high import volume and added value and are not very technologically intensive, have not been made until now, but now Süleyman Bey and Jeomed company have set out on this path.” expressed as. Expressing that the pharmaceutical industry is not at the point where it should be, Yülek stated that companies such as Jeomed produce these products in cooperation with universities and research institutions. Yülek said, “Jeomed company, which our university proudly partners with, is a technology company that exports value-added products to more than 50 countries. These companies are pioneering companies, companies that need to be opened up, and we, as the university, try to cooperate with such star companies as much as we can.” said.

173 countries will wash their eyes with Turkey’s lens water

Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee Prof. Dr. Arife Polat Duzgun, who started his words by saying, “When we saw Turkish goods, I got excited like listening to the National Anthem, I would like to call out to all our bureaucrats; Let’s make things easy, not difficult, that’s all we want. He said that working is the greatest worship, please let’s work.

There is nothing we cannot do as Turkey. Saying that in 173 countries, those who want to wear contact lenses will wash their eyes with Turkish water, Denge says, we will illuminate their eyes. We produce for the whole world, and we want to continue to produce. He ended his speech by thanking everyone who contributed.

OSTİM OIZ has an organizational model that does not exist in the world.

Yenimahalle District Governor Selda Dural, who stated that today they are together in a ceremony that is very meaningful for our district, our University, our OSTİM Industrial Zone, and our country, emphasized that OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone is a model for our country that should be taught in universities. Dural, there is an organizational model here in our country that does not exist in the world. “It is a model created from the bottom up, not from the top down, by the constructions coming from the base and the business, and this model has reached the world,” he said. Emphasizing that Yenimahalle district is a district that contributes to Turkey’s employment, Dural said, “Although the public is not very aware of it, in OSTİM and İvedik Organized Industrial Zones, in many fields that are of vital importance for the country’s economy, great things are achieved and employment is provided.” said. Dural stated that the existence of OSTİM Technical University is very important in terms of academic support. Dural stated that he saw that OSTİM Technical University made great contributions to the production sector of our country as well as education.

Turkey is self-sufficient

KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt stated that one of the most fundamental problems of Turkey is the current account deficit and said, “What we insist on is that Turkey becomes self-sufficient. This current account deficit problem in Turkey is not just today’s problem, it has a history of over a century. Whenever Turkey abandoned R&D and innovation in science and technology, and whenever it put aside its entrepreneurial courage, these problems started to show themselves.” said.

Kurt, thank God we are witnessing a success today. He expressed that he is happy to see that this entrepreneurship and innovation is progressing with courage, as KOSGEB is growing day by day.

There may be some limitations and deficiencies in these works, but stressing that Turkey will be one of the fastest recovering countries after the pandemic, Kurt said, “There is a broken supply in the world, and within this supply network, Turkey is much more advantageous with its young population and dynamic entrepreneurial companies. will come somewhere. As the KOSGEB family, we support over a thousand R&D projects every year, and we will continue to do so. He congratulated Jeomed and concluded by saying that they will achieve much more on the path they started with KOSGEB and OSTİM Technical University.

Jeomed İlaç A.Ş will work and live for the Republic of Turkey.

Every factory is a fortress

Emphasizing that they will work for our country and keep Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. alive, Jeomed İlaç A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Süleyman Polat said, “Every factory is a castle, the more factories we establish, the more we will bring our young people to our country. We must all work for this country, we must produce.” Polat, who thanked KOSGEB for their return in a very short time and for their cooperation, expressed his thoughts, “As an R&D project, we believed that a high-tech company like Jeomed would produce the high-tech products that were only costed to global companies, and we presented them to the Turkish people.

OSTİM Technical University is really the University of the Industrial World and such a university was really needed. Thank you very much for their great support.” expressed as. Saying that we want to produce, support us, Polat concluded his words by saying that we will remind you of ourselves with bigger projects within a year.

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