Construction and Technical Department


​OSTİM Technical University Construction and Technical Department; In line with its mission and vision, our students, who are the guarantee of our future, the academic staff who continue their education and research activities, the administrative staff who provide service in line with the goals and principles of our University, and which will increase the productivity of our institution, are more qualified, durable, aesthetic in terms of social, cultural and livable campuses. and works to establish modern construction systems.


  • To complete the studies, drilling, plans and projects required for the construction of the university buildings and facilities, and to carry out the tender procedures,
  • Preparing the campus plans and making changes related to these plans such as zoning plans and zoning amendments,
  • To ensure the administration, coordination and management of the personnel working within the Presidency,
  • Allocation and transfer of real estate belonging to the university, etc. executing transactions and real estate
  • Keeping records in accordance with the regulation,
  • To carry out all kinds of work and operations related to the maintenance and repair of the university's heating installations and boiler rooms, cold room, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telephone exchanges and generators,
  • To follow the periodical maintenance of buildings, facilities and systems and to make necessary repairs,
  • To carry out all kinds of transactions related to the immovables, buildings and other facilities to be donated to our university and to carry out supervision services during the construction phase,
  • To conduct and implement studies of building installations, thermal insulation, building and environmental lighting systems in accordance with laws, regulations, communiqués and specifications on energy efficiency,
  • Infrastructure, landscaping, transformer, water tank, natural gas conversion etc. To provide preliminary projects, preliminary projects, application projects tenders and construction,
  • Road, pavement etc. To carry out the maintenance and repair of transportation structures, to make the necessary signs, signs and nameplates,
  • To ensure that the staff of the Construction Affairs and Technical Department consists of specialized technical personnel. 
  • To ensure that the existing personnel receive the necessary training to specialize in their field and participate in the courses,
  • To enforce the provisions of the "Occupational Health Law" No. 6331 in the workplaces of the Construction and Technical Department,
  • To use and ensure that resources are used effectively, economically, efficiently and legally,
  • To provide suitable working environments for university staff (academic and administrative staff) and students,
  • To perform other duties assigned by the Office of the Rector and the Secretary General.