Department of Financial Services

  1. OSTİM Technical University, Financial Services Department Within the scope of our university's activities; It provides all information regarding financial legislation provisions, financial, tax and accounting to all our students, all our academic and administrative staff, and third parties. The Department of Financial Services carries out this duty within the framework of applicable laws and regulations. It carries out accounting and finance transactions in line with the Higher Education Legislation, Foundation Higher Education Institutions Regulation, OSTİM Technical University Legislation, Financial Services Department Procedures and OSTİM Technical University Board of Trustees decisions.

OSTİM Technical University Financial Services Department affiliated units and their fields of duty;

  1. To collect and evaluate the necessary information, documents and statistics for the projected budget of our university and to prepare them according to plans, programs and principles.
  2. To prepare the university budget in accordance with the implementation principles regulation,
  3. To provide the necessary coordination to the units during the implementation of their budgets, to provide the opportunity to monitor the budget-expenditure information in electronic environment,
  4. Preparing and presenting the University's annual report.
  5. Making the preliminary preparations for the changes to be made in the directive, informing the university administration/presenting it for approval, ensuring that the approval processes are carried out by the Presidency of Trustees.
  6. Ensuring the preparation of all regulations and principles within the financial services department and the follow-up of the approval processes.


  1. To ensure the effective execution of the accounting system of our university and the coordination of the relevant team, to ensure that the services are carried out smoothly, to prepare the transactions within the relevant laws and regulations.
  2. To represent the University before professional organizations and public institutions, to maintain public relations in matters related to its duties.
  3. To enter the accounting related documents into the related software.
  4. To make arrangements to use all kinds of legal rights and opportunities that are in the interest of the university.
  5. Reconciliation of bank accounts.
  6. To ensure that the flow of relevant documents in internal and external accounting audits is regular.
  7. To control and follow up the cash, checks, promissory notes and other securities in the safe of the university.
  8. To ensure that the customer, vendor and other current accounts are kept properly and accurately, to send reconciliation letters and get the confirmation of the other party.
  9. Informing the finance directorate of the payments of the vendors for the product/service; executing and finalizing the billing process.
  10. Preliminary financial control of financial transactions.
  11. To follow the procedures to be done to the University's Tax "VAT, Withholding and Revenue Administration".
  12. To carry out accounting services in accordance with the current legislation,
  13. Recording the invoices of all goods and service purchases of the university in the accounting system in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles in accordance with the legal regulations.
  14. To prepare financial statements and reports of the University and to provide Financial Services.
  15. To carry out the financial transactions of the projects carried out within the institution,
  16. To carry out business advance and related financial transactions
  17. Issuing student invoices in semesters, ensuring that they are processed in the relevant programs.
  18. To determine accounting policies and to create booklets.
To ensure the use of payment, collection and financial instruments of the financial system of our university and to ensure the coordination of the relevant team, to prepare the transactions within the relevant laws and regulations so that the services can be carried out smoothly.

  1. To prepare the Payment and Collection Programs, to submit to the approval of the Senior Management.
  2. Entering data daily to generate cash flow report
  3. Presenting and implementing various payment options and payment methods to students
  4. To make payments to companies or persons from whom goods or services have been purchased, through the bank,
  5. Carrying out financial relations with banks,
  6. Carrying out other financial transactions.
  7. Determination of Technological Solutions for Financial Services
  8. To prepare weekly, monthly, annual income-expenditure, foreign currency, debt receivable tables of the university and to inform the
  9. senior management about this issue.
  10. Contributing to corporate performance and value
  11. Taking savings measures within the University, coordinating the relevant units in this regard, ensuring their follow-up
To prepare the transactions within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations in order to ensure the coordination of the accounting of student transactions of our university and the employees of the Registrar's Office, and to ensure that the services are carried out smoothly.

  1. To prepare and implement drafts for the Rectorate and the Board of Trustees regarding the "fees and collection methods of these fees" to be applied by the institution,
  2. To collect all kinds of fees from students,
  3. To collect all kinds of fees from students,
  4. To make scholarship payments that must be paid in cash,
  5. To fulfill the requirements of student "request/wish" petitions regarding financial obligations
  6. Prepare student invoices on time and deliver them to our students in our offices on campus, upon request.
  7. To inform our students about their financial obligations

Press, Public Relations and Publicity Department

OSTİM Technical University Press, Public Relations and Publicity Department, which carries out its activities under the General Secretariat, carries out all kinds of media, press, promotion and public relations activities.

Responsibilities of the Presidency:

  1. Execution of press and public relations services,
  2. Organizing social media posts,
  3. Planning and implementation of studies related to the university's presence in the written and visual media,
  4. Preparing press releases, sharing them with relevant media organizations,
  5. Media follow-up of the news in the written and visual media about the university,
  6. Preparing and printing content for printed or visual materials, executing graphic and design works,
  7. Planning, executing and increasing awareness of the university's promotional activities at home and abroad. (Introductory Fairs, School Visits, Promotion Days, Vocational Presentations etc.)
  8. Preparation and printing of promotional materials. (Promotional videos, catalogues, brochures, promotional materials etc.)
  9. Creating the contents of the printed materials introducing the institution, following the design and printing processes and finalizing them,
  10. Organizing and updating the pages of the Presidency, especially the candidate student page, on the web page,
  11. Planning all kinds of visual design and application related to all works falling under the responsibility of the Presidency,
  12. Making necessary arrangements and archiving for photography, classification, use in printed materials, web page and social media,
  13. Making reports on student placements,
  14. Preparation of year-end activity report.