Legal Consultancy

​Legal Advisory Job Descriptions

  • To prepare the necessary legal proposals in order to better realize the objectives of the university and to ensure that it works in accordance with the legislation, plan and program.
  • To assist the relevant units in the execution of the university's savings in accordance with the "Higher Education Law No. 2547", the "Regulation on Foundation Higher Education Institutions" and the relevant legislation.
  • To defend the rights of the university in judicial and administrative authorities in disputes and disputes with students, other persons and institutions, to ensure that the university's legal services are carried out without interruption.
  • To carry out the coordination and secretariat of the disciplinary investigations carried out by the university against the academic and administrative staff and students, to supervise the legality of the decisions made.
  • Examining the legislation prepared or enacted regarding the operation of the university and giving its legal opinion.
  • To examine the drafts of legislation prepared by the administrative units and all kinds of contracts and specifications to be prepared and to give legal opinions.
  • To give opinions on the issues by the administrative units.
  • To make necessary warnings about taking legal measures to prevent disputes, to make the necessary efforts to resolve disputes through amicable means.
  • To follow up and finalize all kinds of judicial and administrative cases, enforcement proceedings and arbitration issues to which our university is a party, before the courts, arbitrators and enforcement offices.
  • To issue warnings and notices on behalf of the University, to notify and respond to notifications to be made to the Institution from judicial and administrative judicial authorities, enforcement offices and notaries.
  • To perform similar duties as assigned by the Rector.